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Weanling & Yearling S C H O O L 

At Horse Cottage Stables we think it is very important to handle Thoroughbred foals and include them in the barn routine of turn-outs, farrier visits, leading them around, petting the ears and head, .... blankets on/off, halters...etc...

We start with Nursery School the day the foal is born!

In days past it wasn't unusual to leave a mare and foal in the field for months with little to no human interaction - then they were sent to the race track as a two year old with the expectation that they must behave and focus on the task of running. We think that was a lot to ask. 

We at Horse Cottage Stables feel todays working horses perform best if their energy is not spent on matters related to anxiety and fear, something "built-in" to the fear and flight animal. Today, there are behavioral expectations for thoroughbreds and most particularly for thoroughbreds in a Racing Stable. Race Horses will need to walk past hundreds of spectators, endure loud noises from crowds or moving vehicles, move to differant living environments on a regular basis, and even have a regular turn-over of handlers throughout their racing career. 
So we created Foal School!

is personally my favourite aspect of our farm operation. 
We only accept up to 4 mares for foaling a year and we dedicate our time and energy to these mares and their foals. When it is time to wean the foals we transition them through that difficult time of separation in the part of Foal School that we call the "Junior High" phase. 

After successfully weaning the colt or filly and they
"graduate" from Junior High at the end of their Yearling Days, they are integrated into the "horse" individual program where they remain until they are ready to be started/broke for their athletic careers. 

I hope you consider Horse Cottage Stables for your Next Broodmare and Foal or Yearling!

With Thanks 

Denise Carpenter

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