We welcome all Broodmares and Broodmares-in-waiting to our farm as part of our

Signature Broodmare Program

The Breeding component on our farm is focused on the mare, from pre-pregnancy, to the breeding,  daily care and handling, to the delivery of the foal and handling of the broodmares with their foals during that all important first months of their lives. We do not have breeding stallions housed on the property.

Our program has a clear emphasis on the daily handling of the broodmares and foals, introducing the foal to wearing its halter, putting on a blanket, picking up feet, touching ears etc.. from day one!  We like to think of Horse Cottage Stables as the pre-school day care and nursery school for foals (except they don't leave at the end of the day- we even put them to bed at night)!

Whether you are looking to have your mare bred to your chosen stallion, or you bought a broodmare-in-foal at the Sales, or you have a broodmare you would like us to foal out, look no further than HORSE COTTAGE STABLES
HORSE COTTAGE STABLES....................It's time to send your Horse to the Cottage